Why I'm running again

I still have work to do as your County Supervisor

... and with your vote during the General Election on November 3, 2020, I can continue to do so. Coconino County is a wonderful place to live. We have good people doing a lot of good in our community. Let’s keep the focus positive.

Because of the support of the voters in Coconino County who’ve elected me each time, I have worked for many years to help build a community worth living in. With an eye for wise land planning that is earth-friendly, budgets that stand strong in the winds of hard economic times – especially now during times of need – and a concern for the individual’s rights as our population has expanded, I have built on a record that stands the test of time. I am so proud to live in a community where people care and give of themselves, now more than ever.

So, I ask for your vote again.

Matt Ryan

P.S. People often ask me how they can help with my campaign. Telling your neighbors and friends to vote for me by word of mouth; pushing this forward through your Social Media outlets; placing my campaign signs out and helping me with good locations in your community are very helpful, especially for people that don't know me; and then there is always the obvious financial support. It takes a lot of money to campaign – even more so now that Early Voting has taken a hold and the cost of mailing as a means to reach out is so very expensive. The moral support that such efforts take is dearly appreciated.

Measurable Results

Long-term goals reached.


Adapt to the needs over time.

Consensus Builder

Patience is a hallmark.